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An Interview with Author Owen Bryan, Jr.

1. What inspires you to write?
Well, to be honest, writing began for me as an outlet. I started doing poetry in late 2018, and at that time I was 26 still feeling out the world and finding myself. A podcaster I like to listen to by the name of George Bruno, stated how writing down your thoughts or situations can be fulfilling for a man. At that time, couldn't afford therapy and didn't really feel like I can talk to someone about what's on my mind, I started writing poetry. The poems were a great avenue to convey my thoughts in a pretty organized cohesive manner I found. And reading back it was motivating me. I shared my poetry with others as well as strangers and I was getting good feedback. The feedback I was getting drove me more to continue.
The other day, just recently, I walked into a lounge I like to solicit and someone shouted me out, "Hey, it's the poetry guy. I remember that poem you showed Ashley and I really enjoyed it. Spoken word is a creative art."…

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