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A Review of The Fire Never Goes Out: A Memoir in Pictures by Noelle Stevenson

As someone with a literacy crush on the graphic novel, Nimona, I was anxious to read Noelle Stevenson's new book, with the promise of a "memoir in pictures." I love this use of the graphic novel form, and I think Stevenson shares a text that could (should?) inspire many other creators to share a bit more about their lens through a memoir style.
Stevenson uses humor, prose, and comics to tell her story, and I cannot say enough about my appreciation of the author's honesty and vulnerability. She's is relatable and true. Hers is the story of a creative force that is altogether human, and the reader gets to know her a better in this visual/textual narrative.
Right now, I'm leading a graduate course that's about to feature Nimona and I can't wait to recommend this book alongside this reading. I now encounter Stevenson's work on a different level because I've read this memoir. I also recommend both books highly to anyone who wants to see more from …

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