A Review of The Walking Dead, #193

Who knew it was coming?  Robert Kirkman, of course.  I will admit I did not follow each and every turn in The Walking Dead saga, from television show to comic book page and on to another television show, but when it came to this final issue I had to see where things finally landed.

For spoilers, it may be best to seek another review -- although I'm sure avid readers already know (or are soon to find out) what I discovered as I read these pages. Here are some major notes:

1. Charlie Adlard's artwork creates a stark and post-apocalyptic world, as always. Adlard's style takes me back to reading The X-Files comics in the 1990s.

2. The fan service of seeing where these characters have landed by the end of the narrative is well worth the price of admission (as of today's posting, Comixology has most of The Walking Dead series on sell, by the way). Comparing how the television series treated these characters to the way the comics series did is its own kind of twisted delight.

3. Satisfaction. I'm sure a wide variety of opinions are sifting around about this unexpected finale, but I was satisfied with the place Kirkman left the story. It's not cartoonish or a "roll your eyes" deus ex machina. An end to one chapter that leaves me ready to read the next of Kirkman's work. Putting the bow on, the book includes an effective code from the author.

Finally, I will give a nod to another Image title I had the opportunity to review this week. I include the cover art for Reaver #1 below - a visceral and action-packed reading experience.

Reaver #1 by [Jordan, Justin]  

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