An Interview with Author Alexis Lantgen

Saints and Curses: A Collection of Fantasy Short Stories by [Lantgen, Alexis]

1. Please tell us about your work. 

Right now I have two books out, a collection of science fiction short stories, Sapience, and a collection of fantasy short stories, Saints and Curses. I originally started writing short stories after my daughter was born, because I didn’t feel I had the endurance to write a novel while working and raising a family. The great thing about short stories is that you can finish them and feel accomplished, then start a new story!

2. What are you reading now? 

I’m reading “Passionate Nation: The Epic History of Texas” by James Haley and Analog: Science Fiction and Fact magazine.  The first book is because I'm teaching Texas history for the first time this year, and the second one is my fun book. Although, Texas history is actually pretty interesting, and I've been considering writing an alternate history story or other speculative fiction set during the Texas revolution. I think for writers, reading widely can give you some great ideas, even if you're reading outside your genre.

3. What is your next work in progress?

I’m currently working (or at least, wanting and intending to work) on a new YA/middle grade fantasy novel, but it’s going very slowly at the moment. I'm working full time and I have two lovely children, so it's hard to get time to write! But I’m hoping I can finish the book I’m working on, umm, eventually.

4. What is your message for other writers? 

Just keep going--read, write, don't beat yourself up, just keep going! Lots of great books took their authors years, even decades, to write. While I respect people who write quickly, if that's not you (and it's not me), just keep writing and you'll get there.

5. Where can we learn more about your work?

 You can find me on my website:, and you can find my books on Amazon.


Saints and Curses:

You can also find me on Goodreads at and on Facebook at

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