A Review of Beverly, Right Here by Kate DiCamillo

Beverly, Right Here

Kate DiCamillo is, of course, a name you should know. And you probably do. Over the years, DiCamillo has demonstrated an ability to write in an engaging way for younger and older children – and there is often an overlap in her audience. My upper middle grades students enjoyed The Tale of Desperaux as much as any elementary student might.

New from DiCamillo is Beverly, Right Here. I will not share plot spoilers, except to say that what you and know and love about this author’s work is present. Characters smack of life and no less the case is the main focus of the story – a young girl named Beverly.

I would pair this text with Barbara O’Connor’s Wish or a classic from Beverly Cleary to explore the strong-willed and powerful female protagonist, who is also very, very human. Beverly, Right Here is “just right” for classroom use as an inviting read, and it’s also a perfect gift for at-home reading too.

Highly recommended.

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