An Interview with Author Gisela Stromeyer

I had the chance to read Just Like That: Beautiful verses combine with stylistic images in Just Like That: Poems, Paintings, and Practices. This is a book to treasure and another fine publication from Epigraph. Recommended literary reading.

1. What are you reading now?

i love Mary Oliver poems, The Blue Horses, i can always pick up her book and open to any page and get some of her beautiful sensitivity to spirit and nature.

or Stephen Levine's book, Unattended Sorrow, he has so much wisdom to share.

It’s time from Dror B Ashuah is one of my companions books, the perspective of his channel is so healing and the vibration of the book uplifts you.

2. Please tell us about your next work in progress.

My work in progress is my life! i do my best to be present and heartfelt with whatever arrises in my Everyday and from  those moment to moment experiences, i pick the ones that feel important and write something about them. I collect all the little jewels of wisdom that come through.

i love being in a flow, where a project can arise and without too much pushing or planing, it is being birthed.
So i have collected many small and big experiences that touched me, and i am weaving them together to see what will emerge.
Life is full of mysteries and surprises, some we like some we don’t!

3. Please tell us about your work.

i would love people to be moved by what i write, it would bring me a lot of happiness if my word serve them in their awakening, or just give them a sense of okayness about themselves. i would love the book to be a guide in how to move through a dark place, a light to point the way for deeper connection and acceptance to one selves, others and the beautiful earth we live on with all its other inhabitant, so that there might be more kindness inside, and as a result more kindness in the world.

4. What inspires you to write?

I don’t remember a particular incident or a moment, when i started writing. I just started one day because i wanted to capture wisdom for myself, the pleasure of expressing something that feels true for me and serves as a reminder in how to navigate through life with love and acceptance. I did not intend to write a book. 

5. Where can we go to learn more about your work?

You can find my facebook page, just like that, poems, paintings and practices , i post old and new work there.
and for now just because it is new, get my book!

on amazon or barnes and noble or have your local bookstore order it!

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