An Interview with Author Vlad Tudosie

Belial's Teachings

1. I am currently reading "The Socratic Dialogues." Basically, anything that challenges my perspective and improves critical thinking is a must-read for me.

2. Unfortunately, I am not currently working on something new. I believe focusing my efforts with the purpose of realizing my first book's full potential is what must be done at the current moment.

3. What I would really love people to know about my work is that the emphasize when reading it should be on the ideas I wanted to share with others (although they should be taken with a grain of salt). The story around them was created in order to provide a context for those ideas to manifest themselves.

4. What inspires me to write is how I feel at a given moment. In my spare time, I write poetry as a way to cope with various feelings or just to generally express them. Writing is something spontaneous that arises from the heart and that will never be a planned thing for me.

5. Anyone interested in discussing the ideas I presented in my book is always free to contact me at my personal e-mail address, I'd be more than happy to discuss anything, even ideas that are not a part of my work. Any debate helps keep the mind sharp.

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