An Interview with Author Winter Lawrence

Eve 2.0: The Ultimate Gaming Experience (The Gamer Series Book 1)

1.               What would you like us to know about your work?
Hi! And thanks so much for having me! I’m so thrilled to be here! To start, I’d love to share some cool facts about my new release, “Eve 2.0: The Ultimate Gaming Experience.” It’s about a group of teens who get trapped in a Department of Defense Artificial Intelligence Simulator named Eve 2.0. Here’s the synopsis…

Just when Gwen thought she could beat any video game hands down, her boyfriend goes and gets her stuck in a top-secret government simulator named Eve 2.0. Being trapped within a couple of her favorite video games doesn't seem so bad at first, but as time becomes a factor and the A.I. program begins to get smarter, Gwen soon realizes that winning or losing isn't just about pride anymore; it’s about making it out alive.

“Eve 2.0: The Ultimate Gaming Experience” is available at all major eBook retailers, so be sure to grab your copy today!

2.         What are you reading now?
I usually have several “in-progress reads” going on! For fun, I’m currently making my way through “The Red Queen” series, by Victoria Aveyard. For the monthly Author Spotlight I host, I’m reading “You Have to Laugh to Keep from Crying,” by Charlotte Canion, and for work, I’m reading Gotham Writers’ Workshop’s “Writing Fiction.” Of course, I’m always on the prowl for new, fun reads, so I’m always open to suggestions!

3.         What is your next work in progress?
Currently, I’m working on edits for Book 2 of The Gamer Series. “Eve 2.0: Night Terrors” is scheduled for release in mid-to-late 2020! Here’s the synopsis…

The D.O.D.A.I.S. Awaits…

Mondays are never easy for an introvert like Gwen, but the Monday right after spending a harrowing weekend trapped in a government simulator is especially difficult, and that’s saying a lot given that she just spent days dealing with life-or-death situations and a twisted love triangle. It’s hard to take in, and it doesn’t help that the school is abuzz with rumors. She hates being the center of attention, and she wishes it would all just go away, but the day goes from bad to worse when she and Ryan begin exhibiting troubling symptoms…hallucinations and haunting visions, and that night, the dreams begin. At first, they aren’t so bad, but as days go by and their symptoms get worse, Gwen begins to suspect that the government simulator may have somehow tricked them into believing they made it out okay, but in reality, they’re still trapped in Eve 2.0.

4.         Please tell us what inspires you to write.
Life inspires me! I know that may sound a little cheesy, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t come across someone or something that makes my heart swell with happiness and pride. People are amazing, and I’m always inspired by their stories of success and their random acts of kindness.

I’m also a huge animal lover, so corny animal memes always inspire me too, especially cute and clever ones. Case in point: the other day (here in Texas), I picked my husband up from the airport and randomly, on one of their welcome signs, they had the following…

I have a horse named Mayo.
Sometimes Mayo neighs.

LOL, it gets me every single time! And when I’m done chuckling, I want to write other things, just so I can pay it forward and put a smile on someone else’s face.

5.         Where can we go to learn more about your work?
You can visit my website to keep up with my latest adventures! I’m also on social media, so be sure to join or like accordingly—just beware! There will be crazy cat memes and lots of German shepherd videos! Thanks again for having me!

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